Everyone wanted to be Clair Huxtable. She had it all…the career, the husband, the kids, and most importantly the loving relationship. She knew how to be a woman without sacrificing her strength. She knew there is a difference between a strong woman and an independent woman.

An independent woman is confident and strong, but she doesn’t need anyone in her life. She does it all on her own. A strong woman is just as confident, yet she has something the independent woman doesn’t… the confidence and self-esteem to be vulnerable. She is strong enough to acknowledge that she does need, and want, a man in her life. She is strong enough to know that true personal growth cannot happen in a vacuum, and she is strong enough to face feedback and criticism without getting defensive. She can tai part in a discussion without having it become a full blown arguement. And most importantly, she looks at relationships as a place for personal growth. A strong woman will listen to her man, because she respects him.

This is about my journey from an independent woman, to a strong woman. This is about the lessons I have learned and the deep breaths I have taken in the midst of frustration. Its about the truth I found and its about the truth that is out there for all of us. It’s for all of us women who may have not had a role model for a positive and healthy relationship at home and may have had to turn elsewhere. I did…. and I found Clair Huxtable.

If your looking to see what type of creative and artistic imagination spews from within me, check out my artistic fashion photography blog: http://orreetdesigns.wordpress.com/
And my Fashion Design site: http://www.OrReet.etsy.com
  1. Jfeez said:

    We think alike! 🙂

      • yuval29 said:

        Thanks (;

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